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Introducing a new DVD that will captivate young children while introducing God’s Word.

In our media-saturated culture, it’s a battle to nourish our kids’ minds when there’s ‘junk food’ at every turn.

Despite thousands of hours of entertainment at our fingertips, we still struggle to find content we don’t mind pressing ‘play’ on.

All too often we settle for mindless entertainment and wish there was a way to make media time more than a cheap babysitter.

Faith From Hearing has created a unique resource for parents and children’s ministry teachers that helps them expose children to the Word of God while delighting them with clean entertainment.

“Within a week of getting The Story of Creation DVD, my 2 year old was already memorizing her first Bible verse! It works!”

–Trina Holden,
Author, Blogger and mom of 5

With “The Story of Creation” you can:

  • Introduce your children to American Sign Language and inspire curiosity about other languages
  • Hear the story of Creation and memorize the sequence of Creation Week
  • Fill your home with spoken Scripture and easily memorize key verses
  • Have a safe, educational choice to make the most of media time
  • Entertain young children while cultivating love for the Word of God




“I like the explanations, they are on his level and easy to understand.”

Homeschool mom of 2 boys

Where did “The Story of Creation” begin?

Original founders



As a single, homeschooling mom of 4 young children, Melissa knows well the struggle to keep young children occupied! She was frustrated that the products marketed toward her children were either mindless entertainment or watered-down Bible stories that presented Scripture as a collection of myths. What if there was a video that taught kids pure Scripture AND kept them entertained?

Melissa shared her vision with her friend, Elise. As a nanny and children’s ministry teacher, Elise immediately saw the benefit and need for such a tool. Together they originated the idea of videos that use ASL and animation to teach kids Bible memory. Their passion is to create a tool for parents and children’s ministry teachers that delights children while feeding their hearts and minds with Scripture.

“What I love most about this production is that formative doctrinal instruction comes in such a palatable format for children.”

–Ryan Limbaugh,
Pastor and Leading Elder at Redeemer Church of Oxford

“The Story of Creation” includes:

  • The entire week of creation spoken and signed with animations to compliment the story.
  •  A verse by verse teaching/explanation to further increase the understanding of the children, addressing common questions such as:
  • If there is only 1 God, why does scripture say, “Let US make…”?
  • What does it mean to be made in God’s image?
  • Why does God create the world in 6 days?
  • Why does He rest on day 7?
  • …and many more
  • 7 selected memory verses (one from each day of creation) taught and signed to help the child memorize those key verses
  • a clear Gospel presentation presented in a way that a child can understand.

The Story of Creation provides a satisfying answer to the incessant question of “can I watch a movie?” Now you can say “Yes” and have the confidence and peace of mind that your children will be entertained and God’s word upheld in their hearts during their media time. 


Our guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with the smiles on your kid’s faces and
the new signs and verses they know after watching the DVD,
we will give you a complete refund!

Entertain your children while filling their hearts with God’s Word!  


The Story of Creation
The Story of Creation
Entertain your children while filling their hearts with God's Word!


Was $19.99

Now $12.99