We are fueled

by a desire

to cultivate

a love for

God’s word

in little hearts


As a mom and a homeschooler to four young children, Melissa has always been on the look out for resources to instruct her children in the Word and instill a love and awe for the Lord. She found various resources over the years, mainly in book and audio form, but was often disappointed by the selection of visual media.  

She wondered why there weren’t entertaining resources that were also theologically accurate and focused on Bible memory.

Why can’t TV time be a means of teaching her children Bible verses, catechism question and answers, and overall theology?   

Essentially, Melissa set out to create the product she wanted to buy for her own family.

In January 2016, Melissa paired with another homeschooling family to create such a resource. Starting at the beginning seemed a good idea, thus The Story of Creation was created.

Released in September 2016, the response from parents and children alike made it clear that Melissa hit on a need in the marketplace.

The team continues to create new resources to help instruct children in the Word while also keeping them engaged.  


Who knew Bible memory could be so much fun!


Word for word from a consistent translation. No paraphrases. Straight Scripture.


Sign Language

Intentional selection of hand motions to accompany Bible memory utilizes kinesthetic learning while teaching another language.


teaching through scripture

Instead of watering down the message, we seek to bring explanations on a level that children can fully understand.


100% faithful to the word!

Truth and doctrine presented in a form palatable for children.

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